Union Strategy

Union Strategy helps leaders and teams transform their organizations and build what’s next.



Design Strategy

Our focus is on leadership and how organizations adapt to continuous change. We help clients structure and visualize problems and identify interconnections within complex issues. We enable you to make an impact with your work. Experience includes:

  • Guiding the development of new products and services

  • Building a narrative strategy for internal and external communications to support change initiatives

  • Briefings to executives on current trends, themes, and cultural insights

  • Creating new organizational structures to effect change

Creative Facilitation

We lead tailored workshops and coaching sessions that empower leaders and teams to work better together. Focuses on generating new ideas and planning for the future. We combine creativity and critical thinking to help organizations develop their internal capacity for innovation. Range in length from 1 hour to multi-day events. Examples include:

  • Workshops, meetings, and calls with clients to guide internal projects and mentor senior staff

  • Visioning sessions to develop and launch new campaigns, thought leadership positions, and services

  • Coaching CEOs, executives, and emerging leaders

  • Executive retreats and board meetings

Our Perspective

We use creativity as a catalyst for creating change.

We want to turn thinkers into doers and ideas into action.

Our methods are rooted in design and influenced by years of practical leadership experience.

We strive to build your own capacity to adapt, change, and grow.

Clients are partners in helping to shape outcomes.

We prefer immersive experiences.

New ideas often come from where you least expect it.

Having fun is part of the process and reinforces learning.

It’s exciting to unlock creativity and see ideas flow.

Rather than trying to predict the future, we want to help you to create it yourself.


About Us

Union Strategy grew out of Scott Jancy’s blog which began in 2015. Scott’s work resonated with executives, startups, and entrepreneurs that looked for a fresh perspective on creating growth and building innovative teams. With a foundation in design, his approach was galvanized by experiences solving critical problems for clients and leading workshops to generate new ideas, organizations, experiences, products, and services.

We aim to leave clients with a new and broader perspective. Serving as an impartial sounding board, a sparring partner, we help leaders test ideas and then identify the pros and cons of proposed courses of actions. As problem definers, we contribute to strengthening the client’s capacity to solve their problems and manage uncertainty.

Union Strategy is effective at helping organizations set vision and strategy, and developing solutions to emerging problems and evolving human needs. We’re equal parts advisors, connectors, strategists, and facilitators.  

We’ve worked with clients across multiple industries including architecture, professional services, trade associations, educational institutions, and media companies.

Union Strategy is based in Washington, DC.

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